Where no plans are in place, Jono is able to guide families through the process. However, it is simpler for families if people leave specific information with their family members and with their funeral director, for the time when it is needed. Jono will file such details in strictest confidence. Remember, wills are often not read until after the funeral has taken place, so leaving instructions in your will may be pointless.

Especially important is a record of the details legally required for the registration of death. Where details are not known by the family, there can be unwanted stress. Help your family by completing the Details for Registration of Death form now.

You can also assist your family by leaving a more personal indication of the kind of details that would make their farewell to you a unique reflection of your ideas and interests. Assist your family by downloading, filling in Funeral personal preferences and storing the form with your Will and/or at Cambridge Funeral Services.

Portable Document Format (PDF)Cambridge Funeral Services - Preplanning Form (1.49mb)


Jono offers prepayment options which offer people security and flexibility. While not everyone considers it to be a high priority to make provision for their funeral, Jono is able to help those for whom it is important.

As a member of the professional body of Funeral Directors Association of New Zealand (FDANZ), Jono participates in a prepayment scheme run by the Association which is transferable among member companies throughout the country. Cambridge Funeral Services also offers the services of the Public Trust Office and the Catholic Development Fund which provide the option of putting funeral funds aside.

Depositing funds with a specific funeral home has disadvantages. The family can be tied into using a particular funeral home for the deceased. For a range of reasons – such as people moving city or changing their mind about the funeral home, for example – Jono recommends making more flexible arrangements.

To email Jono to arrange a time to discuss funeral prepayment options, click here.